SAQA - Forced to Flee (Catalog)

Type: Exhibition Catalog
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This catalog features artwork from the SAQA Global Exhibition Forced to Flee. Also included an essay from Juror Sue Marks.

ISBN: 978-1-7324260-3-0
Softcover, 78 pages


Throughout history people have been forced to flee from their homes for their own safety and survival due to war, oppression, natural disasters, and atrocious human rights violations. The refugee crisis has imposed severe impacts on the social, economic, and political structures of host countries, especially poor and developing countries. This powerful and timely exhibition illustrates the global challenges arising from the current refugee crisis impacting countries across the globe.

I was moved to tears by many of the sorrowful stories in these powerful depictions. These works are accessible even if they can make uncomfortable viewing. Audiences will surely come away with images etched into their memories, and with more awareness of the tragic plight of large sections of humanity.

— Dr. Sue Marks


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