Forced to Flee (Artwork)

Type: Art Quilt
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Throughout history people have been forced to flee from their homes for their own safety and survival due to war, oppression, natural disasters, and atrocious human rights violations. The refugee crisis has imposed severe impacts on the social, economic, and political structures of host countries, especially poor and developing countries.

This powerful and timely exhibition illustrates the global challenges arising from the current refugee crisis impacting countries across the globe.

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Selected Artists and Works

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Roadmap   Roadmap
Margaret L. Abramshe   •  Saint George, Utah, USA More Info
Missing Migrants   Missing Migrants
Genevieve Attinger   •  Pontivy, France More Info
Goodbye My Village   Goodbye My Village
Charlotte Bird   •  San Diego, California, USA More Info
Melani Brewer   •  Cooper City, Florida, USA More Info
Scorched Earth   Scorched Earth
Pamela S. Burns   •  Martinsville, Indiana, USA More Info
Mourning Doves   Mourning Doves
Betty Busby   •  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info
Pogram   Pogrom
Harriet Cherry Cheney   •  Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA More Info
Aleppo   Aleppo
Anne Daughtry   •  Eugene, Oregon, USA More Info
Tengo Hambre - I am Hungry   Tengo Hambre - I am Hungry
Jennifer Day   •  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA More Info
Will be the Next Day Better   Will be the Next Day Better
Gabriele DiTota   •  Melbourne, Florida, USA More Info
Displaced   Displaced
Catherine A. Drummond   •  Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada More Info
REFUGE or REFUSE: offer sanctuary or discard as trash   REFUGE or REFUSE: offer sanctuary or discard as trash
Jim Hay   •  Takasaki, Gunma, Japan More Info
Everyone has the right   Everyone has the right
Uta Lenk   •  Vilsbiburg, Germany More Info
Tired and Poor   Tired and Poor
Kathleen Loomis   •  Louisville, Kentucky, USA More Info
Stumbling Blocks   Stumbling Blocks
Hildegard Mueller   •  Lennestadt, Germany More Info
The Lucky Ones?   The Lucky Ones?
Claire Passmore   •  Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom More Info
Armenian Diaspora   Armenian Diaspora
Maya Schonenberger   •  Miami, Florida, USA More Info
Fleeing From Drought   Fleeing From Drought
Sara Sharp   •  Austin, Texas, USA More Info
No Fixed Address   No Fixed Address
Paula J. Swett   •  Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA More Info
Forty Years After the Zero Years   Forty Years After the Zero Years
Christine Vinh   •  Arlington, Virginia, USA More Info
Amnesty   Amnesty
Carol J. Vinick   •  West Hartford, Connecticut, USA More Info
Wanted - A Home   Wanted - A Home
Diane E. Wespiser   •  Lee, Massachusetts, USA More Info
Mare Dolorosso   Mare Dolorosso
Isabelle Wiessler   •  Gundelfingen, Germany More Info
Emu Camps   Emu Camps
Diane M. Wright   •  Guilford, Connecticut, USA More Info