Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric (Artwork)

Type: Art Quilt
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 Cellular Structure III   Cellular Structure III
Sue Benner   •   Dallas, Texas, USA More Info
Whirlpool   Whirlpool
Yael David-Cohen   •  London, United Kingdom More Info
Wedding in the Wind   Wedding in the Wind
Jim Hay   •  Misato Takasaki, Gunma, Japan More Info
Translucency and Kaleidoscope   Translucency and Kaleidoscope
Judith Larzelere   •   Westerly, Rhode Island, USA More Info
First Moment   First Moment
Gay Lasher   •  Denver, Colorado, USA More Info
Play of Lines VIII   Play of Lines VIII
Uta Lenk   •  Vilsbiburg, Germany More Info
Crazed 16:  Suburban Dream   Crazed 16: Suburban Dream
Kathleen Loomis   •  Louisville, Kentucky, USA More Info
In the End   In the End
Judith Mundwiler   •  Sissach, Switerland More Info
Language of Frost   Language of Frost
Aina Muze   •   More Info
 November 2, 2012-February 4, 2013   November 2, 2012-February 4, 2013
Toot Reid   •  Tacoma, Washington, USA More Info
Waking Up   Waking Up
Judith Rush   •  Columbus, Ohio, USA More Info
Quilt Drawing #9   Quilt Drawing #9
Daphne Taylor   •  Montville, Maine, USA More Info
Generated Topology   Generated Topology
Kathy Weaver   •   Highland Park, Illinois, USA More Info



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