Upcycle (Artwork)

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Fiber art has a rich tradition of incorporating elements that would otherwise be discarded by turning them into compelling compositions. Repurposing materials is one of the most effective solutions to deal with today's environmentally devastating waste issues. Full of creative energy, Upcycle! offers artwork with intriguing details and unusual materials and will surely spark conversations from viewers.  


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Selected Artists and Works  

She Shows You Where to Look Among the Garbage and the Flowers (white)   She Shows You Where to Look Among the Garbage and the Flowers (white)
Susan Avishai   •  Toronto, Ontario, Canada More Info
the Gyre   the Gyre
Kathleen Bagioni   •  Tolland, Connecticut, USA More Info
Thank You Holly   Thank You Holly
Karen M Balos   •  Oakland, California, USA More Info
Ties That Bind   Ties That Bind
Sara Bradshaw   •  Spencer, Tennessee, USA More Info
Planet Earth   Planet Earth
Laurie Bucher   •  Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA More Info
Down the Garden Path   Down the Garden Path
Betty Busby   •  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info
Grace   Grace
Shin-hee Chin   •  McPherson, Kansas, USA More Info
Mirrors 1   Mirrors 1
Yael David-Cohen   •  London, United Kingdom More Info
The Beautiful Appearance   The Beautiful Appearance
Heidi Drahota   •  Nuernberg, Germany More Info
Mother Earth   Mother Earth
Bodil Gardner   •  Lystrup, Denmark More Info
Out My Front Door   Out My Front Door
Barbara Oliver Hartman   •  Flower Mound, Texas, USA More Info
Outfit No Longer Available   Outfit No Longer Available
Paula M Jolly   •  Mossbank, Saskatchewan, Canada More Info
American Portraits: A Dying Breed   American Portraits: A Dying Breed
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred   •  Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA More Info
Past as Prelude   Past as Prelude
Barbara D Kibbe   •  Pacifica, California, USA More Info
Barn Quilt Screen Style   Barn Quilt Screen Style
Sherry Davis Kleinman   •  Pacific Palisades, California, USA More Info
Networth   Networth
Pat Kroth   •  Verona, Wisconsin, USA More Info
Keeping Up Appearances 4   Keeping Up Appearances 4
Carol Larson   •  Petaluma, California, USA More Info
The seven sisters and their ghosts   The seven sisters and their ghosts
Lorie McCown   •  Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA More Info
Coming Apart at the Seams: America 2019   Coming Apart at the Seams: America 2019
Susan M Mogan   •  Mobile, Alabama, USA More Info
Polyethylene Iris   Polyethylene Iris
Karen Ponischil   •  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA More Info
Moody Blues   Moody Blues
Beth and Trevor Reid   •  Gowrie, Australian Capital Territory, Australia More Info
Cast Away Gems   Cast Away Gems
Martha E Ressler   •  Hamburg, Pennsylvania, USA More Info
Out of the Blue   Out of the Blue
Barbara J Schneider   •  Woodstock, Illinois, USA More Info
Untied   Untied
Roxanne Schwartz   •  Berkeley, California, USA More Info
Points of Entrée   Points of Entrée
Linda Syverson Guild   •  Bethesda, Maryland, USA More Info
Painting the Town #1   Painting the Town #1
Laura Wasilowski   •  Elgin, Illinois, USA More Info